Sparks Backseat Driver (BSD) Power System

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Introducing the Sparks Back Seat Driver (BSD) Power system & Taking pre-orders now.
Brand new slimline battery box for mounting behind seats.
• Fits Enerdrive & Invicta 100aH slimline battery & 12V 40A DC2DC+ Battery Charger
• Mount on left end for Redarc BCDC1225d or Projecta IDC25 Chargers
• Mount holes for torch charger (optional extra)
• Cable entry & cable tie slots in appropriate locations
• Anderson plug mounts for plug & play wiring options
• Will be powdercoat finish for production run
When fitted in a Single Cab 79 series LandCruiser this unit utilises the factory jack and rear cup holder mounts & requires 1 x 6mm nut insert to be installed in the floor.
Installation in a Dual Cab 79 series LandCruiser the unit is installed on the driver side & requires 2 x floor nut inserts & 2 x wall brace nut inserts.
All other vehicles will be a self-fitment arrangement.
Supplied with
• Enerdrive 100aH B-Tech battery and 40a DC2DC/Solar charger
• 6 port fuse block
• 1 x 40A Relay for ACC powered loads
• 3 x midi Fuses
• 50A anderson plug - Solar Input
• Prewired so you only need to provide Vehicle input, loads, ACC wire for relay
$3500 inc. GST (50% deposit required to secure position in que)
First production run will be 10 units and we need 8 orders to put this in motion. Estimated delivery timeframe 8-10 weeks
Please Call or send email enquiry to make 50% deposit via EFT.